The Dangers of « Black Labor » and Done Without a License

There is no advantage in using undeclared work in Florida. Salaries are much lower than those with over Canada and taxes apply only to the materials at half the rates in effect in the north. So accept jobs at $ 40 an hour in cash, it's a bad deal. Of carpentry, electricity, plumbing, ventilation can be performed for as little as $ 20 or $ 25 an hour with the legally required insurance.

Finally, special permits are required for the installation of impact doors and windows, engineering analysis, especially in height, is required for the purchase of product for the location of the property.

Realistic planning of the proposed project is essential and must be the first stage of the work. Consider the time required for the issuance of permits, the work itself, periodic municipal inspections and delays associated with and, most importantly, respect the budget. And in the case of major renovations, the owner can't live on site during construction.

Adapting to a living environment as pleasant as that of Florida has its privileges, and there are many. Obligations whose constraints will be mitigated if we observe the rules and that we avoid the bypass. Reality eventually reaches us at one time or another.