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If you are looking for a manufactured home within the city of Hallandale Beach, take information about the history of the property before you buy, with the homeowners association at first, but especially with the city itself, otherwise it could cost you many and happened same thing that the unfortunate adventure occurred in Eugene Villeneuve and Gisele Quévillon.

Here is a brief history of this couple. When they bought their manufactured home, two years ago, they begin work, not believing they need to obtain a permit. Once they completed the works, an inspector, on a complaint from a neighbor, noticed of non‐compliance of work performed, indicates that work was done without a permit by the previous owners and the need for the house to be update to the code in force. The house is 40 years old.

The couple files a planning of works that the inspector refused twice to submit to the Committee Licensing. All resulted in an appearance before a judge of the Municipal Court which ordered that, within 90 days, the house will be update to the code in force or is demolished.

"The architect we consulted told us that if we were in Pembroke Park there would have been something to do, says Eugene Villeneuve. But it is impossible to do anything in Hallandale. I would have demolished what had been added, leaving what was originally 40 years ago. But no question. Everything must be updated to the code. Even the concrete slab does not meet the current code. It is not thick enough.

M.Villeneuve has an advice for someone who wants to buy in Hallandale: "Check with the city to know the history of the proposed property and make sure that all the work that has been done before were with necessary permits. Us, we leave Hallandale. It's over. "

As you can see, it is risky to undertake work without a permit and remember that the last owner is responsible for the legacy of his or her predecessors they performed work without a license. And the example of the city of Hallandale Beach is likely to be followed by other municipalities and not just for mobile home parks, condos will also be targeted and that's already begun. Do not take a chance. Get your permits and complying with the law, otherwise it can cost you ... and it's very expensive.