Better Planning Better Satisfaction

Eight‐step to set a timetable for the planned renovation project.

1) Foresee a realistic budget estimates for a total renovation or whether to proceed with phase setting our priorities. In case of total renovation, provide another location where you will live.

2) The general contractor will lead the work. You confirm with him that he has licenses and insurance and you will give him a list of jobs and the budget, including the costs of finishing and decoration.

3) Once the contract given, the contractor will work with an architect who will prepare the plans submitted to the municipal authorities. These steps take time and have nothing to do with the actual construction.

4) The architect proposes modifications to make the project complies with the requirements of the building code and upgrade the unit to the rules.

5) The contractor shall contact the Board and the municipality to submit their work plans and obtain approval of the association and issuance of city permits.

6) Permits obtained and displayed, work begins. 12 to 15 municipal inspections occur to certify compliance work.

7) Respect authorized days and hours of working time.

8) Remember that Florida is not Canada and be aware of deadlines for each phase: planning, permits releases, work in progress inspections and final inspection.


The patience is required when it comes to renovations. Avoid getting lot of changes wich will uphold the budget.