Spoofing Construction Can Lead to Prison

Squads responsible for the Building Code Enforcement have an eye on the owners or running by executing the work without a permit, including those under construction consultants. These "advisors" from interfering harm licensed contractors and may cause serious problems for owners who do business with them.

These individuals, after obtaining a contract of renovation, hire local subcontractors who have no accountability relationship with the owner of the dwelling unit. And since they have no license or insurance, no appeal is possible, whether the work poorly made or refund.

If a Code Enforcement officer is present during construction, will increase the hassle on the owner, the "Advisor" and workers on site.

A "Red Tag" will be affixed to the housing unit and its owner must take steps to obtain the permits will be increased costs followed by a fine.

he "advisor" will be arrested, perhaps imprisoned, taken to court and be fined and even a prison sentence.

The law is clear. Section 489 of the Florida Statutes prohibited from claiming contractor without a license. Remember, contractors must display their well‐identified license number on trucks.