Warnings and Overview

The renovation market of Florida is infiltrated by so‚Äźcalled advisors in building who operate without license or insurance. These persons may trick you large sums of money for work to be done illegally by workers over which you have no control and no recourse.

Careful planning is essential before beginning any renovation project, it will include a list of planned work, the documents you need and taking into account the delays that occur to obtain permits and because of inspections during and after work. The contractor will obtain the necessary permits that will be provided according to the legislation, contact the authorities for inspection during execution of the work and handle relations with the homeowners association in the case of condos.

The building code is strict in Florida and, most importantly, is strictly enforced. When acquiring a property, it is necessary to check the history, the new owner becomes responsible for all the work previously done with or without a license.

Certain statements are required when undertaking the work. So is it in case of the presence of asbestos or Chinese Drywall. Installation of soundproofing membranes or waterproofing are required.

Work performed without a permit may earn you a "Red Tag", which is a notice requiring the stop of work in progress and obtaining permits.

I also addressed the issue of permits necessary plumbing, structure, ventilation, electricity standard and low voltage (alarm system, sound and central vacuum).