Money Saving Can Cost You More

It is illusory to believe that hiring a « contractor » paid in cash that does not have licenses to operate in Florida will perform your renovation at lower cost than a local contractor licensed and insured.

Electrical work, plumbing and ventilation made at $ 40 or $ 50 an hour paid under the table are too expansive. A contractor licensed and insured in Florida pays taxes in half than in Quebec, so it has no incentive to hide income. Work and labor are not taxed. The materials are taxed at six or seven percent and a contractor can pay a special purchase price.

If you pay $ 35 to $ 50 an hour under the table and without a licence will be costly if an inspector arrives on site. A finding of infringement requires resumption request accompanied with financial penalties. The lack of insurance coverage for workers and civil liability can cause endless trouble and considerable expense if an employee is injured or damage occurs to the building. Quebec and the contractor working without a license or green card can be extradited on the spot after paying heavy fines.

Good contractors originally from Quebec legally operate in Florida. Get their services are less costly and legally executed. Import unlicenced worker from Canada is a great risk finding yourself in the red before returning to the beautiful province.