Expression to Abolish During Renovations: Why Not?

Transformed replace this bath by a shower, change for halogen bulbs, moving the air conditioning system; all these small additions, using « Why Not » expression will create new delays and the delivery times.

Obviously, before the start of renovation job it is difficult to foresee everything, especially in older buildings. We don't know the situation behind the walls, plumbing and electricity, among others. After permits issuing, it takes three to six months, depending on the scope of work, before completing a renovation project. In all these cases, delivery delays are out of control of the general contractor doing the work.   

How to avoid this trap? Sit with the general contractor, once the decision to renovate is done, and clearly explain the expectations; so that specialists are able to develop construction plans and to accurately assess the financial scale. The general contractor then lays plans and ask for permit from the municipality. This is a heavy procedure that examines the current situation and renovation plans by sector: electrical, plumbing, ventilation, structure, soundproofing membrane ...

Stick to the choices made at this time because any changes after lead to a change of plans that will be resubmitted to the municipal inspection service which means an inevitable extension of delivery and increased costs.

A well made starting order and respect for the choices that have already done during construction avoid unpleasant surprises during you are adding value to your condo and infusing it with new life.